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About Mrantispy

We created Mrantispy in 2013 to try to bring transparency and great customer service to people whose privacy has been violated. 

It's our job to make sense of the spy industry for you, and to get you the right solution to your problem.

Let us know if you need anything,

- Allen Henry, Founder

Why We're Better Than The Other Guys

We only sell products that we like and know that you'll like, too. 

Our competition wants to sell you everything ever made - even if it's poorly made or outdated. When customers order a product like that, they get frustrated when they aren't happy with the product, and the return process takes even more of their time. It's a big problem we want you to avoid.

We want you to be happy with your order, so we only sell great products that don't give you (or us) headaches.

Mrantispy is a small company.

We’re able to do a lot of things the big guys can’t. Being small lets us offer you the lowest prices, provide better/faster service, and also give you the top-notch experience that a big corporation can't compete with. 

Customers always let us know they tried the big guys first, only to end up shopping with us and wishing they'd done it sooner. We love hearing this, because it confirms that we're doing things right.

We've been doing this a long time.

If you ever email us or open our live chat, you can be sure that the person on the other end has been doing this for many years. They'll also know the product like that back of their hand.

If you were to try and contact a competitor, you'll likely end up with a part-time employee at a call center that can't do much other than take your order over the phone

Here’s The Story Of How Mrantispy Got Started

Every big city has a sketchy looking spy shop that everyone is too afraid to go into, and I worked at one many years ago. That store mainly focused on security cameras systems, hidden cameras are sell to everyone! They are the airbnb hosts, hotel employees and also some creepy guy!

But at that time, I’ve also worked with over 60,000 customers that come from completely different backgrounds like:

• Everyday people
• Private investigators
• Department stores
• Police departments & the FBI
• Fortune 500 companies

That`s why I know how to protect your privacy and design the best product.